Frequently Asked Questions  

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How does your footprint calculator work?

To get an insight into the approach and the assumptions used in our footprint calculator, check out our Calculator Methodology page.

Does offsetting really help stop climate change?

If the offset credits are of a high quality, then yes, offsetting is an effective tool to tackle climate change. However, it is not the only tool available, and it is certainly not the best tool. The very best way that you can contribute to tackling climate change is by making sustainable lifestyle choices. How you choose to travel, what you choose to eat, how much energy you choose to consume, what products you choose to buy, how much you choose to waste and how you choose to handle that waste; these are all decisions that we make every day that have a significant and direct impact on our environment. Educate yourself, be conscious about your carbon footprint, and try to minimize it as best as you can. And then offset. That’s how it should work!

Is Sink a charity organization?

Sink is not a charity, but is registered as a freezone limited liability company in the United Arab Emirates. Charities often need to spend a lot of time and effort on securing funding and donations, which they rely on to remain operational and carry out the great work that they do. We have chosen a self-sustaining business model; one that allows us to stay mission-driven and focus on tackling the problem at hand.

How exactly do you offset my footprint?

Sink funds projects that specialize in the reduction or removal of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, in order to mitigate the impact of climate change. We offset your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offset credits, measured in metric tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e), from these projects on your behalf. Carbon offset credits can be generated from projects that specialize in a variety of activities, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, afforestation & reforestation, waste management, and methane & nitrous oxide abatement, among others. However, in order for these projects to qualify to sell their offset credits, they must meet strict qualifying criteria and standards, which are regulated by independent programs. All of the projects that we maintain in our portfolio are regulated by the world’s leading voluntary carbon offset program, the Verified Carbon Standard. Whenever you make a purchase on Sink, we offset the quantity of emissions specified in your purchase from our portfolio, and we retire them (meaning that they can never be re-sold or traded), allowing you to claim them towards your own emissions reduction goals.

Don't we have bigger, more urgent problems to worry about right now?

There are certainly plenty of challenges facing humanity today. However, given the sheer scale and number of problems at hand, we simply cannot afford to tackle them in series - we must act in parallel. Sink is addressing one of the most important of these crises in climate change. Indeed, the effects of climate change are only starting to appear, and they may not seem so dire today. The unfortunate reality is, however, that if we don’t act today then the consequences will fast become irreversible with lasting impacts on our childrens' futures. We don’t want to discourage anyone from working towards solving other issues. In fact, that is why we try to make our offsetting service as effortless as possible, so you can have the time and energy to remain focused on other things.