The Middle East's First Voluntary Carbon Offset Platform

Did you know that residents of the Arabian Gulf have some of the highest carbon footprints in the world? In fact, recent estimates of per capita emissions place 5 of the top 10 emitting countries in the world as being from the Gulf.

Let's do our part to make up for that.

Tons of CO2 Emissions per Capita per Year:

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  The Sink Approach  

Our approach to managing carbon footprints:


 Mitigate Your Emissions 

Got a grasp of the basics behind global warming? Or how big your footprint is? Explore our figures on climate change, and check out our online footprint calculator.

Simple adjustments to your lifestyle can have a big impact on you footprint, including how you travel, eat, shop, use energy, and manage your waste, among others

There will always be some leftover emissions that can't be reduced. We can help you sink your footprint with voluntary carbon offsets in just a few clicks.

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  Our Portfolio of Projects  

Offsets made by Sink are done through our portfolio of carbon offsetting projects, which includes a range of activities organized by the world's leading voluntary offset program, the Verified Carbon Standard

812 - Bull Run - Forest Carbon Offsets L

Forest Protection



  Purchase Offsets  

Offsetting with Sink is quick and easy, and we are completely transparent with how we use your money. Purchases can be made as monthly subscriptions or as one-time purchases, and we also work with businesses interested in offsetting their footprints.

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