About Sink  

Climate change is a global issue that has been ignored for far too long, and if we don’t act now it will have devastating effects. It is not an isolated problem, it is not a new problem, and it is not going to go away on its own. The science behind it is very clear; increasing levels of greenhouse gases (GHG), such as CO2 and other air pollutants, are at the heart of climate change, and we humans are the sole reason behind the rapidly rising levels of GHG's.

Sink was created to offer anyone the opportunity to mitigate their own contributions to climate change. Everything that we do and consume has associated GHG emissions which collectively form our carbon footprint. The very best way to limit our climate impact is through improved lifestyle choices; choosing how we travel, what we eat, how much we recycle, how much energy we consume, etc. Inevitably, however, there will be some emissions that you simply cannot avoid, and that is where offsets come in. In just a matter of minutes, and for a fraction of what we spend on the things we love, we can make a real and lasting impact.


Our Mission at Sink is to create a community that is conscious about its carbon footprint, and to offer everyone in the community the chance to limit their own individual impact on climate change through voluntary carbon offsets. Our Vision is to create and grow a community carbon sink - one that is mindful about its emissions, actively tries to minimize it, and offsets more than it emits.

  About Voluntary Carbon Offsets 

A carbon offset is a reduction or removal of GHG emissions made to compensate for emissions resulting from activities elsewhere. They are measured in metric tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e), with one carbon offset credit equating to the reduction or removal of 1 metric ton CO2e from the atmosphere.

Carbon offset credits are generated from projects that specialize in a variety of activities, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, afforestation/reforestation, waste management, and methane & nitrous oxide abatement, among others. Once these projects have met certain qualifying criteria, the offset credits that they have generated can then be sold. The purchaser can then ‘retire’ those credits - effectively meaning that they can never be resold or traded - and claim them towards their own GHG reduction goals.

The concept of carbon offsetting was initially developed as a way for countries, large corporations and other big polluters, to offset their GHG emissions. In recent years, however, carbon offsetting has seen a growth in the voluntary market, driven by individuals and businesses who have become frustrated with the lack of progress being made by global policy makers towards tackling climate change. Voluntary carbon offsetting allows anyone the opportunity to take action against their own carbon footprints.

Sink is the first dedicated voluntary carbon offset platform in the Middle East. Using the world’s leading voluntary carbon offset program, the Verified Carbon Standard, we offset and retire emissions through our portfolio of projects. Sink offers you the opportunity to contribute towards offsetting emissions in quantities that are small enough to offset, or partially offset, your own individual footprint, so you don’t have to wait for policy makers to act on your behalf. All purchases made with Sink will be provided with official VCS certificates of the retired offsets that you have contributed to.